Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making Text easier with the Silhouette

Sometimes when I need to cut out words or sayings in my Silhouette I want to use the negative
space instead of the positive space. You know, you cut it out, and then have to glue it onto your work,
hoping there is space on the cutout to glue and also hope your machine cuts it out, since some are

In most cases, when you use the negative you get this.

Well my friends, I am going to show you how I use the negative space. So you get this.

You are going to want to first make yourself whatever shape you are going to use. In this case I am
using a rectangle. You want to then make a copy of that shape and move it to the side.

Next you are going to want to type out your text.

And now center your text into the shape. 

You are now going to want to make a compound path. You can do this by selecting both your shape
and your text, and right clicking, make compound path. Or you can use the icons below.

Make a copy of your shape you just made the compound on and move it down.
Your are now going to work on the copy. You want to double click the text portion until you see the
text turn into points. At this stage you are going to want to use your pointer and the delete option on
the side to delete the OUTSIDE shapes, leaving the centers.

Here you see I have removed the outside of the word Happy.

When you are done you will have this. I have filled it with color to make it easier to see what
will cut out.

You are going to now bring back over your shape copy you made in the first step. I have colored 
it the same as the text layer. You are going to want to cut the top piece and the bottom piece the same colors. So in this case the text layer and the solid layer will be cut using the same paper color. The center layer or the layer with the strange shapes will actually be your text color. 

When you put them all together you get this.

Hope this helps, as its been a great help for me. It may seem like a lot at first, but once you get
the hang of it, it's quite easy. Happy Crafting!


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