Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Birthday Cake Fun!

Earlier this year my Niece had her 4th Birthday. My sister asked me if I could make her decorations for her cake. Of course I would!

She was going for a Captain America theme, so wanted lots of red, white and blue's. I also thought it needed some comic book speech bubbles so created the sentiments onto those shapes. 

I used the Silhouette Designers Edition feature of print and cut. I created the shapes, selected my colors and added the wording. After that it was just a matter of printing and cutting. I then glued them to bamboo skewers.

For the main Happy Birthday greeting I wanted it to lay on the cake. But I knew paper would not be a good medium on cake/frosting. While searching my local dollar store I found these perfect red plates. They were just the right size. I created the Captain America shield and glued that onto the plate (plate upside down) and then did the same for the Happy Birthday. For the name, I cut out the blue stars and then the white letters to glue on top. 

The cake was ordered with just a plain white frosted cake, and the bakery added the red and blue trim. We added the speech bubbles and the plates and then used some red, white and blue sprinkles to sprinkle over the top. I think it turned out incredible!

For the invites I created a comic book background and used a photo of my Niece which was standing next to a movie cut out of Captain America. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!

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