Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Halloween Treats

It is getting close to that time of year when the ghost's and goblins will be coming around, ringing your doorbell, and saying "Trick or Treat". Now for the kids that are neighbors you really want to give them a little extra something. At least I do, so when I saw these from The Cutting Cafe I knew I had to make these for this months The Cutting Cafe Design Team Halloween project.

So what we have here is the Halloween-Fall Milk Carton. This is so cute. It is big enough to hold many fun size candies. The original file does not come with panels, but it only rook me a few minutes to make a few rectangles that I used to make panels. I have so much Halloween paper from past years I needed a way to use some of it, but the paper was thin, so I couldn't use it to create the carton as it wouldn't hold up. I used my standard American Crafts Cardstock, which is my favorite for the way it cuts and the weight. It makes my projects look great!

For the second treat holder I used the Sucker Treat Cup Set as well as the Halloween Sucker Treat Cup Phrase set. This is pretty neat because it's a small treat in a lollipop. So basically on the back there is an opening and a slider. You slide it open to fill and retrieve your treats and slide it back to close. This would be really cute for a any type of party and you could get really creative and change up the theme to match any holiday or celebration. Can you imagine your guests seeing your display of these?! That is a wow factor. The set also comes with a box so that you can give this as a gift.

I used a lollipop stick I had left over from my cake pop making days. I used a Sharpie and colored it black. At first I was hesitant using a Sharpie because in my mind this is a treat card. But the stick does not come into contact with any treat. It's secured to the back away from the treats. I can't wait to pass these out to friends.

I want to thank you for stopping by today and checking out my projects. Again if you are interested in any of these, you can get them over at The Cutting Cafe. Not only does The Cutting Cafe have lots and lots of project files, but they also sell craft supplies. Check them out!

Thanks again for stopping by!
Mike Fernholz


  1. I love Halloween and these are just fabulous!! Great idea to add panels to the milk carton box, your paper is just perfectly cute! :-)

  2. wow wow wow....this our awesome Mike...I am so loving the tissue in the window...hadn't thought of that..brilliant...CAUSE I GOT A LOT OF TISSUE

  3. Botha re pretty 'sweet' Mike and I am sure the neighbor kids will adore them!

  4. Botha re pretty 'sweet' Mike and I am sure the neighbor kids will adore them!

  5. Great job on both Mike! great idea to create panels as well. I have a lot of designer paper and you can't make the box out of it like you said.

  6. Very fun halloween decor with Regina's files. Cute for the kiddos.
    KristaH, cc team member