Sunday, January 24, 2016

Score Line Tips

Every so often I try out something new on my Silhouette. Today I tried something with score lines and I think I like the result enough to share it with you. I am using Silhouette Designer Edition so I cannot say if this will work for the regular version.

Often times when I have a design that has a score line, I leave the defaults and cut the score line using the same material as I would the design (cardstock). Most of the time it's a satisfactory result. But sometimes I don't really want a pronounced "cut" scoreline which is the result.

So I started thinking. How could I get the machine to actually do a shallow score vs a cut score? 
I needed the scoreline to cut more shallow but not the overall design. What if I changed the color of the score line, and used the programs Advanced section? That way I can select the Line Color and have that cut a different material for each color. 

For this example I made the score line green. I then went into advanced cut settings and changed the green color to the material of copy paper. See screen shot below. 

After that I scrolled down and changed the Editing section and changed the blade to a 1 (on the software only) and reduced the default thickness down from 15 to 10. 

So basically what I told the software is to cut the green lines as copy paper using a blade of 1 and a thickness of 10. And the black lines to be cut using cardstock. I left the blade in the machine to 3 and hit start. The result was a shallow scoreline, enough to fold and a perfect design cut. 

As I am writing this, I am wondering if it would be better to make the scoreline a solid line when using this technique vs leaving it dashed. This would require an extra step. I think the result was enough that I didn't need a solid line.

I know you maybe thinking, where is the picture of the scoreline. Well my friends, taking a photo of a scoreline is easy. But having it show up online to compare the difference is a different story. It is just to hard to see in a photo online. 

I hope this made sense. And I would love to hear from anyone who tries this! 

Thanks for stopping by!