Thursday, January 19, 2017

Design Team Post for The Cutting Cafe

Welcome back friends!

Here we are mid January. It's cold and rainy here in CA, and I wouldn't have it any other way. People look at me funny when I tell them I love the rain and it doesn't bother me to drive in it. Now don't get me wrong, I do not like to get soaking wet, but I don't mind getting a little wet to and from the car.

Now onto the Design Team project for The Cutting Cafe. For this assignment we were to focus on Valentine's Day. There are so many fun and great cutting files over at the Cafe that it was kind of hard to choose which one I wanted to make. After a long hard decision I decided on making the Mailbox Template.  Who doesn't like receiving HAPPY MAIL? :)

For the mailbox post I used some craft colored AC Cardstock, and then layered it with some stripped black paper. I glued and pop dotted some hearts to the post, looking at the photo now, I could have used one more heart on the left side. 

For the mailbox itself I used the AC Cardstock in a pink color. And then I layered some pink stripped paper onto that which I had in my stash. I did not have any Valentine themed paper and realized I don't have many red or pink patterned paper. But I really like the way this came out, as the stripes are on a diagonal to the mailbox. 

Not growing up or living in an area that had mailboxes with the flags attached (and really do not know what they are for) I put the flag on backward. I did not realize it until after I took photos. I decided to google mailboxes and discovered the flag direction faces the other way. Oh well, I didn't have the 'heart' to remove it especially since it had all those cool gems on it. 

Well friends, I hope enjoyed this project. Please let your friends know about this post, and visit me on my other social media platforms.

Thanks again for stopping by!
Mike Fernholz


  1. This is so cute Mike! I love how the diagonal stripes look when wrapped over the mailbox. I wouldn't have noticed the flag being backwards until you mentioned it. Incidentally, the flag is there for when you put outgoing mail in the box - the mailman takes the mail and puts the flag down. :)

    1. Thanks, Ldybg93! That makes sense what the flag is for now. We used to have to mail things in the big blue mail stands on the corner. I can hear the squeak and slam sounds they used to make. :)

  2. yulp i didn't notice the flag either...i was to busy looking at how awesome the whole presentation was...:)

  3. It is an awesome mailbox and Most wont notice the flag. I only did becasue this is the only kind of mailbox I ever owned being in the country all my life. The flag is to let the mailperson know to stop if you have mail for them to pick up if they don't have mail to deliver for you that day and they normally wouldn't of stopped . They then put the flag down once they stop and get your outgoing mail. I like it in the winter becasue you know when the mail person has been there becasue you are not making a million trips out in the cold to see if the mail has come if the flag is down you know they have come IF you had outgoing mail that day! :) Anyhow, Again, Beautiful project! DT Christi

  4. Beautiful mail box. It's fantastic

  5. Wow gorgeous project - awesome job my friend! I love how you curved the striped paper over the mailbox, just looks fab!