Friday, August 18, 2017

Simply Crafty SVG's Guest Designer Project.

Hi Friends,

I know it has been a while since I have posted. I have been making projects, I just have not been posting to the blog. But I couldn't pass up this chance as a Guest Designer for Simply Crafty SVG's

Since Fall is getting pretty close and one of my favorite holidays is of course Halloween, I decided to make the Spider and Skulls Halloween Lantern. What's great about this lantern is it is actually a working lantern. The top comes off and you can put in an electronic battery powered tea light.

The kit comes with the different pieces so you can make one lantern with the spider panel or one with the skulls or mix and match! I opted to use the skulls pieces but I also wanted a witch. Using Silhouette Studio I removed one of the panels that had a skull and welded in the witch. (There is a link below for a tutorial on how I did that.)

I went through all of my Halloween paper and could not find anything I liked. So I decided to create my own patterned paper. I found a great pattern I liked and brought it into Silhouette and ended up doing a print and cut.

I also wanted my vellum to have an orange glow, so I brought the file into Adobe Illustrator and created a nice yellow orange gradient, in which I printed onto printable vellum that I purchased on Amazon here.  I ended up not using the smaller pieces I created.

Assembly was very easy. I put together the entire project in under 30 minutes while taking my time. Once completed I decided I wanted some more of my patterns that I had on the bottom, to carry to the top, so created additional top panels to tie into the bottom. 
I intended to add some bling and additional things, I even purchased a few but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it the way it was. 

So here is a photo with the lights on, and then the lights off with the electronic tea light on. 

 Editing SVG files in Silhouette Studio

If you are interested in learning how I changed the panel from the skull and cross bones to the Witch, using Silhouette Studio, I created a YouTube tutorial. Click here to watch the video, a new window will open. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making the project. Please visit Sandy over at Simply Crafty SVG's. There are a lot of amazing files there, including a free section.

Thanks again for stopping by!
Mike Fernholz


  1. Wow this is awesome Mike! I love the colour combos and the printing on the vellum is such a great idea - this is what my front porch needs for Halloween :-).

  2. Ooooooooooooo love it lit up! The paper is fantastic. Good job Mike!

  3. I love that you created your own paper! I have so much paper, I rarely go that route. I absolutely love the affect on the printed vellum!